Best Side Hustles for Global Compliance Manager

In the dynamic world of global compliance management, professionals often seek ways to diversify their income streams and enhance their skill sets. Side hustles offer an excellent opportunity to achieve both goals simultaneously. In this blog post, we explore the ten best side hustles tailored for Global Compliance Managers, providing insights into potential earnings, startup requirements, and key success factors.

  1. Travel Website for Sale | Potential Profit: 5000$/month

    • Description: Fully Automated Travel Website – Hotels, Flights, Cars – $200/day Potential

    Huge Profit through travel affiliate programs (Flight, Hotel, & Rental Car). Start an online business with this gorgeous, professionally designed, affiliate travel website. It is a powerful travel comparison website that allows users to find the best prices for hotels, flights, and car rentals. This type of website is currently very popular as more people try to save money when booking their next vacation.

    • How to Start: You can build a website and online business from scratch or go with a readymade solution provided by Sitefy.

    • Investment: 99$ to start the website.

    • Skillset & Learning: No skillset required. Basic skills are required that can be learned in a couple of hours.

    • Success Rate: Moderate to high, reliant on the monthly traffic to the website.

    • Pros & Cons: It takes very little time to start this online business and ROI is the highest among all the businesses mentioned.

    • Market Size: Globally, travel and tourism directly contributed approximately 2.9 trillion U.S. dollars to GDP

    • Whom to Hire: You can hire developers, designers and marketing experts from different freelancing platforms or you can go with a readymade all-in-one solution.

    • Where to Hire: Freelance platforms, specialized tech companies.

    • Biggest Source of Marketing: Organic Traffic across the globe.

  2. Freelance Compliance Consulting
    • Description: Leverage your expertise to provide compliance consulting services to businesses worldwide, offering guidance on international regulations.
    • Earnings: $50 – $150 per hour.
    • How to Start: Build an online portfolio, establish a strong network, and use platforms like Upwork or Freelancer to find clients.
    • Investment: Minimal – primarily for marketing and creating a professional website.
    • Skillset: In-depth knowledge of global compliance regulations, excellent communication skills.
    • Learning: Stay updated on regulatory changes through online courses and industry conferences.
    • Success Rate: High, given the increasing demand for compliance expertise.
    • Pros and Cons: Flexibility in working hours, potential for high earnings; may face challenges in acquiring clients initially.
    • Market Size: Growing, as businesses increasingly prioritize compliance.
  3. Online Compliance Training
    • Description: Develop and sell online courses covering various compliance topics to professionals and businesses.
    • Earnings: $500 – $5,000 per course, depending on the complexity.
    • How to Start: Create engaging course content, use platforms like Udemy or Teachable to host courses.
    • Investment: Moderate – for course creation tools, marketing, and platform fees.
    • Skillset: Proficiency in instructional design, multimedia content creation.
    • Learning: Take online courses on instructional design and e-learning platforms.
    • Success Rate: Moderate to high, with effective marketing strategies.
    • Pros and Cons: Passive income potential, wide-reaching impact; competitive market.
    • Market Size: Significant, especially with the shift towards online learning.
  4. Compliance Software Development
    • Description: Develop and sell software solutions addressing compliance challenges faced by businesses globally.
    • Earnings: Varies, with potential for substantial profits as the software gains popularity.
    • How to Start: Identify a compliance gap, hire a development team, and market the software to relevant industries.
    • Investment: High – for development costs, marketing, and ongoing support.
    • Skillset: Understanding of compliance issues, project management, and software development knowledge.
    • Learning: Collaborate with experienced developers, attend coding bootcamps or pursue relevant courses.
    • Success Rate: High if the software effectively solves compliance problems.
    • Pros and Cons: Scalable business model, ongoing maintenance challenges.
    • Market Size: Expanding, as businesses increasingly adopt technology for compliance management.
  5. Authoring Compliance Books
    • Description: Write and publish books on global compliance, offering valuable insights and solutions.
    • Earnings: Royalties from book sales, potential for speaking engagements and consulting opportunities.
    • How to Start: Develop a compelling book proposal, secure a literary agent or self-publish.
    • Investment: Moderate – for book promotion and marketing efforts.
    • Skillset: Strong writing skills, expertise in compliance matters.
    • Learning: Attend writing workshops, engage with the publishing community.
    • Success Rate: Moderate, depending on the book’s quality and marketing efforts.
    • Pros and Cons: Establishes authority in the field, time-consuming process.
    • Market Size: Niche, but a dedicated audience seeking authoritative content.
  6. Global Compliance Blogging
    • Description: Start a blog providing valuable insights, updates, and practical tips on global compliance issues.
    • Earnings: Ad revenue, sponsored content, and potential for affiliate marketing.
    • How to Start: Create a professional blog, consistently publish high-quality content, and engage with the audience.
    • Investment: Low – mainly for hosting and domain fees.
    • Skillset: Strong writing skills, knowledge of SEO, and social media marketing.
    • Learning: Explore online resources on blogging, SEO, and social media marketing.
    • Success Rate: Moderate, with consistent content creation and effective promotion.
    • Pros and Cons: Builds an online presence, requires time to gain traction.
    • Market Size: Growing, as businesses seek accessible compliance information.
  7. Compliance Webinars and Workshops
    • Description: Host webinars or workshops on specific compliance topics, charging participants for access.
    • Earnings: $500 – $2,000 per event, with potential for higher earnings for specialized topics.
    • How to Start: Choose a platform for hosting webinars, market through social media and professional networks.
    • Investment: Moderate – for webinar software, marketing efforts, and possibly a virtual assistant.
    • Skillset: Presentation skills, event planning, and marketing.
    • Learning: Attend webinars on hosting effective online events, practice public speaking.
    • Success Rate: High with engaging content and effective promotion.
    • Pros and Cons: Direct interaction with participants, potential technical challenges.
    • Market Size: Growing, as professionals seek convenient ways to enhance their knowledge.
  8. Compliance Podcasting
    • Description: Launch a podcast discussing global compliance trends, featuring industry experts, and offering valuable insights.
    • Earnings: Sponsorship deals, affiliate marketing, and listener support.
    • How to Start: Invest in quality recording equipment, choose a podcast hosting platform, and market through social media.
    • Investment: Moderate – for equipment and marketing efforts.
    • Skillset: Interviewing skills, audio editing, and content planning.
    • Learning: Explore podcasting courses, practice interview techniques.
    • Success Rate: Moderate, with consistent content and effective promotion.
    • Pros and Cons: Builds a dedicated audience, requires ongoing content creation.
    • Market Size: Expanding, as podcasts gain popularity across industries.
  9. Global Compliance E-Learning Platform
    • Description: Establish an e-learning platform specifically focused on global compliance training for businesses.
    • Earnings: Subscription fees from businesses and professionals accessing the platform.
    • How to Start: Develop a user-friendly platform, collaborate with compliance experts, and market to businesses.
    • Investment: High – for platform development, content creation, and marketing efforts.
    • Skillset: E-learning platform management, marketing, and collaboration.
    • Learning: Explore online courses on platform development and e-learning trends.
    • Success Rate: High, given the demand for convenient compliance training solutions.
    • Pros and Cons: Scalable business model, ongoing platform maintenance.
    • Market Size: Significant, with businesses prioritizing employee training.
  10. Compliance Software Review Blog
    • Description: Start a blog dedicated to reviewing and comparing various compliance software solutions.
    • Earnings: Affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and potentially consulting fees.
    • How to Start: Research and test different compliance software, create in-depth reviews, and market through SEO.
    • Investment: Low to moderate – for hosting, domain, and marketing efforts.
    • Skillset: Analytical skills, content creation, and SEO knowledge.
    • Learning: Stay updated on compliance software trends, attend industry conferences.
    • Success Rate: Moderate, with comprehensive and unbiased reviews.
    • Pros and Cons: Establishes authority in the niche, requires ongoing research.
    • Market Size: Niche, but a valuable resource for businesses exploring software solutions.
  11. Virtual Compliance Assistant Services
    • Description: Provide virtual assistance services specifically tailored to global compliance managers.
    • Earnings: $20 – $50 per hour, depending on the complexity of tasks.
    • How to Start: Market services on freelancing platforms, build a professional website, and network with compliance professionals.
    • Investment: Low – primarily for marketing efforts and maintaining an online presence.
    • Skillset: Administrative skills, knowledge of compliance processes, and excellent organizational skills.
    • Learning: Gain experience through freelancing platforms, explore online courses on administrative skills.
    • Success Rate: Moderate, with effective marketing and high-quality service.
    • Pros and Cons: Flexible working hours, potential for long-term client relationships; may face competition from established virtual assistant services.
    • Market Size: Growing, as professionals seek efficient ways to manage administrative tasks.

Embarking on a side hustle as a Global Compliance Manager can not only provide financial benefits but also open new avenues for professional growth. Whether you choose to consult, create, or innovate, the key lies in leveraging your expertise to address the evolving needs of the compliance landscape. With careful planning, dedication, and a commitment to continuous learning, these side hustles can become lucrative endeavors that complement and enhance your primary role in global compliance management.

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Travel Website for Sale

Potential Profit: 5000$/month

.com domain + 1 year hosting +Automated Travel Website + Marketing Strategy

Huge Profit through travel affiliate programs (Flight, Hotel, & Rental Car)