Best Side Hustles for International Corporate Governance Advisor

In the fast-paced world of international corporate governance advising, having a side hustle not only adds an extra stream of income but also enhances your skills and network. Here are 10 lucrative side hustles tailored for International Corporate Governance Advisors:


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2. Corporate Training Workshops

  • Description: Conduct specialized workshops on international corporate governance practices for businesses looking to enhance their compliance.
  • Earnings: $500 – $2,000 per workshop.
  • How to Start: Leverage your expertise and network to pitch workshops to local businesses.
  • Investment: Minimal, mostly marketing expenses.
  • Skillset: Strong communication and teaching skills. Learn through online courses and industry seminars.
  • Success Rate: High, especially with a tailored curriculum.

3. Policy Review and Documentation Services

  • Description: Offer comprehensive policy review and documentation services to companies aiming for regulatory compliance.
  • Earnings: $1,500 – $5,000 per project.
  • How to Start: Build a portfolio showcasing your expertise. Use digital platforms to market services.
  • Investment: Legal and document management tools; approximately $500 – $1,000.
  • Skillset: Legal background preferred. Acquire through formal education or industry certifications.
  • Success Rate: Moderate to high with proper marketing.

4. Virtual Compliance Auditing

  • Description: Provide virtual audits for companies seeking cost-effective compliance solutions.
  • Earnings: $1,000 – $3,000 per audit.
  • How to Start: Invest in virtual audit tools, build an online presence through a professional website.
  • Investment: Tools and software; approximately $1,000 – $2,000.
  • Skillset: Strong auditing and analytical skills. Gain expertise through online courses and practical experience.
  • Success Rate: High with efficient marketing strategies.

5. Board Meeting Facilitation

  • Description: Facilitate smooth and productive board meetings for companies grappling with governance challenges.
  • Earnings: $2,000 – $7,000 per meeting.
  • How to Start: Leverage existing contacts and showcase facilitation skills.
  • Investment: Marketing and presentation tools; approximately $500 – $1,000.
  • Skillset: Strong communication and diplomacy. Enhance through workshops and practical experience.
  • Success Rate: High with a professional approach.

6. Regulatory Compliance Software Consultation

  • Description: Recommend and implement specialized software solutions for streamlined regulatory compliance.
  • Earnings: $1,500 – $5,000 per consultation.
  • How to Start: Stay updated on software trends. Partner with software providers for referrals.
  • Investment: Marketing and partnership building; approximately $1,000 – $2,000.
  • Skillset: Tech-savvy with a knack for understanding complex software. Learn through online courses and hands-on experience.
  • Success Rate: High with a solid network.

7. Governance Podcast or Blog

  • Description: Share insights on international corporate governance through a podcast or blog.
  • Earnings: $500 – $3,000 per sponsored content.
  • How to Start: Establish an online presence, collaborate with industry experts for credibility.
  • Investment: Content creation tools and marketing; approximately $500 – $1,000.
  • Skillset: Excellent writing or speaking skills. Enhance through continuous content creation and networking.
  • Success Rate: Moderate to high with consistent content and promotion.

8. International Governance Research Services

  • Description: Offer in-depth research services on global governance trends and best practices.
  • Earnings: $1,000 – $4,000 per research project.
  • How to Start: Build a portfolio with sample research. Utilize online platforms for marketing.
  • Investment: Research tools and marketing; approximately $500 – $1,500.
  • Skillset: Strong research and analytical skills. Develop through formal education and practical projects.
  • Success Rate: Moderate with a targeted client approach.

9. Advisory Board Membership

  • Description: Join advisory boards of emerging companies seeking governance expertise.
  • Earnings: $2,000 – $5,000 per advisory board position.
  • How to Start: Network actively within the industry. Showcase expertise through a professional resume.
  • Investment: Networking events and online presence; approximately $500 – $1,000.
  • Skillset: Strategic thinking and industry knowledge. Develop through continuous learning and networking.
  • Success Rate: High with a strong professional network.

10. Governance Webinars

  • Description: Host webinars on specialized governance topics for a global audience.
  • Earnings: $1,000 – $4,000 per webinar.
  • How to Start: Utilize online platforms and social media for promotion.
  • Investment: Webinar tools and marketing; approximately $500 – $1,500.
  • Skillset: Presentation and marketing skills. Enhance through practice and feedback.
  • Success Rate: High with engaging content and effective marketing.

11. Governance E-learning Courses

  • Description: Develop and sell e-learning courses on international corporate governance.
  • Earnings: $2,000 – $10,000 per course.
  • How to Start: Create high-quality courses and use online platforms for distribution.
  • Investment: Course development tools and marketing; approximately $1,000 – $3,000.
  • Skillset: Instructional design and content creation skills. Develop through online courses and hands-on experience.
  • Success Rate: High with a demand for continuous professional development.

Diversifying your income through these side hustles not only adds financial stability but also expands your influence within the international corporate governance sphere. While each opportunity has its own set of challenges, a strategic approach and leveraging your existing skills can undoubtedly turn these side hustles into lucrative ventures. Stay ahead of the curve, embrace change, and seize the endless possibilities that come with being an International Corporate Governance Advisor with a thriving side hustle.

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